Saturday, 27 May 2017

Strong & Unstable

Jonathon Pie sorts out what strong and stable means.

He's also here telling you why you should vote.....

Friday, 26 May 2017

coffee art?

Here's a video of some coffee barista bloke in Korea who creates impressive art on your coffee froth.  Oooh that's lovely mate, better than the usual naff little swirl but hold on!  It's gone cold now! Can you make me another one with the taj mahal on it?  but quicker this time, I want it hot!  Thanks mate.

Actually though, I'm not one for poncy coffee myself, lattes and frapamachachinos are for women and fairies.  If I went into this guys coffee shop I'd be saying, "no pal, I just want a strong black coffee, no sugar, no milk, no froth, no pissing about! FFS! Just a coffee please!!!"

Monday, 17 April 2017


A painting I've just done.....

based on a photo taken in a place called Dhampus on 21/11/2011 while trekking in Nepal.....

Try blurring your eyes out of focus looking at the painting and you should see a resemblance to the photo

Pencil, acrylic and oil on wood. 37cm by 31cm.
Here it is in the making.....

I like the result but I ain't doing another like this.  I'm too lazy to be methodical in painting all the little squares precisely.  To get the pixelated effect right the lines all need to be neat and all the squares the same size and so on, I'm quite amazed that I stuck at it because I didn't enjoy doing it all that much, although I did start it on 17th July 2016, so that's taken exactly 9 months to complete!!!

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Some photos from an enjoyable trip to Barcelona.  Lots to see and do, some incredible sights, friendly people, easy to get around, great social scene, decent food.  Fun time.